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Caplugs Australia offers Caps, Plugs, Polyethylene Pipe, Hydraulic Hose-Fittings and Hose Guards

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Caplugs is a manufacturing powerhouse, which focuses on excellent customer service with 10 manufacturing locations across the globe.

Updated Product Offering

Weldalloy is now Caplugs Australia. We are offering both traditional Weldalloy products and a full Caplugs catalogue!

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Caplugs Australia - ISO


Caplugs Australia’s Operations are ISO 9001 Certified.

Our stringent quality management systems ensure the necessary process controls exist to provide our customer with consistent, quality product.

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Catalogue parts

Weldalloy Hose Guard

Protective wrapping for hydraulic hoses, fittings and more

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We now offer both Weldalloy and Caplugs products!

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