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Vinyl prototyping & design

The affordability of tooling for special dip moulded products makes it one of the manufacturing process’ most attractive features. Even for mass production, the costs for dip moulding remain low when compared to other methods.

Moreover, the time it takes to move from design to a final product is many times less than injection moulding, for example.

Moulds are generally made from aluminium. We can easily produce both simple and complex shapes in house on our fully automatic CNC machines.

The designer must bear in mind that it takes only a very short time to make a prototype mould and several product samples. If the design needs changing, this can be achieved quickly and at a low cost at the prototype stage.

As for all processes, guidelines must be adhered to when designing moulds for dip moulded products. The liquid PVC plastisol cures when it contacts a hot mould.

In most cases, when designing the mould, the addition of radiuses and release angles is taken into account to prevent the inclusion of air. The inclusion of these types of specific characteristics for dip moulds contributes to a uniform and high-quality product.

Caplugs has built up considerable expertise in the design and production of dip moulds, and we offer a fast and efficient service in our well-equipped workshop.


Examples of vinyl prototyping